Eggs and myself: A blitz poem

Eat your chocolate
Eat your eggs
Eggs for me
Eggs for you 
You go home
You be sick
Sick of me
Sick of this
This won’t stop
This can’t end
End of us
End of me
Me and mine
Me and them
Them and I 
Them and those
Those were mine
Those were free
Free of me
Free of hate
Hate the silence
Hate the sun
Sun and sea 
Sun and sex
Sex is hard
Sex is soft
Soft and squishy
Soft and gentle
Gentle to each other
Gentle to another
Another man
Another lover
Lover of the sun
Lover of the silence 
Silence is broken
Silence is spoken
Spoken amongst others
Spoken by mothers
Mothers lead the way
Mothers lay the foundations
Foundations of life
Foundations of future
Future feelings
Future problems
Problems with you
Problems with me
Me and my eggs
Me and myself

 © Carl Burkitt 2014

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