Other bits of mine that live somewhere other than this site.


  • Three wee poems of mine live in Wee Book Three, by Dreich
  • Eight haiku of mine appear in River Willow, by Dreich
  • A piece on overcoming self-harm lives in The Book of Hope, by Bluebird
  • My poem ‘In the Wild’ made it into Response, by Dreich
  • I had four love poems find a home in Things To Do With Love, by Dreich
  • Three of my short poems found a home in Unheard Of, by Enthusiastic Press
  • My poem ‘Real Eggs’ was published in Issue 4 of Finished Creatures
  • Four of my poems live in Kidstuff, by Dreich
  • I had two poems published in Alter Ego, by Bad Betty Press

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