#NaPoWriMo Writing Exercise 14: NO PLACE LIKE HOME

Game 1: You’ve just received a letter from the Mayor of your home town saying they are set to host The Olympics / The World Cup / Crufts / Great British Bake Off (you choose the competition).

Game 2: The Mayor has asked you to write a poem absolutely bigging up your home town for the opening ceremony. They’re keen on highlighting the great bits but also putting a positive spin on any negative / grubby bits.

#NaPoWriMo Writing Exercise 9: INGREDIENTS OF YOU

Game 1: Find a recipe online or from a book.

Game 2: Think of a person in your life.

Game 3: Write INGREDIENTS OF YOU at the top of a page.

Game 4: Keep the numbers, weight, method etc (eg. ‘3 large diced’) but replace all the foodstuff (eg. ‘Onions’) with qualities, hobbies, traits, charming stories etc of the person you thought of. Make the list longer if you need.