Here’s what you will find on this site…


A collection of short stories, from a girl with badgers in her hair, to argumentative trees. Some have swears, some don’t.


I started writing poems to make myself laugh. I’ve since started performing them at open-mic nights and have definitely made one man laugh, twice. Check them out.

Teeny tiny tales

In 2012, the Guardian challenged famous authors to write a novel in 140 characters or less. I gave it a go too…

642 challenge

In January 2015 I bought the book ‘642 Things to Write About’ and began working my way through the wonderful writing prompts that live inside it…

#2014tales “Write something, even if it’s just a suicide note.”

In 2014 I attempted to write 2,014 tales. Find out how I did here… (hint: I wrote 179)

Barbara and Hazel: Brazil 2014

Hazel, 94, and Barbara, 96, have been friends for 50 years. World Cup Brazil 2014 was their 12th tournament as best buds and housemates. Here’s how two pensioners enjoy a football competition…


In 2013 I performed my show ‘Carl Tells Tales About the Seven Deadly Sins’ in the grand final of the 5 Minute Festival at the LOST Theatre. Take a look at a live rehearsal recording.

For kids

A set of stories and poems written for my nephew. There’s not a swear in sight, so feel free to read them to your little ones.


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