I often feel like I’m an orange bell pepper.
Not as sweet as a yellow one,
not as bitter as a green one,
not as nutritious as a red one.
If you Google
what are orange peppers,
the first suggestion is
what are orange peppers good for?

© Carl Burkitt 2019


Electrical wires remind me of dad
and how I never listen.
Earth, Live and Neutral.
I remembered that.
Blue, Green & Yellow Stripes and Brown.
I remembered that.
But which was which to fix our light switch?
The Earth is blue.
Maybe it’s that.
But earth, as in dirt, is brown.
It’s got to be that.
And then it hit me:
The yellow rays of the sun
help the green grass grow.

Earth is the fucking
stripy green and yellow.

© Carl Burkitt 2019


This lift has a nice green floor, doesn’t it?
(No don’t say that.)

Any holidays coming up?
(You’d HATE to be asked that.)

When’s Michelle back?
(You don’t give two shits about Michelle.)

Wednesday, eh?

How’s your, the, the, those…

I was…
(You don’t HAVE to speak – stay silent. Relax.)

“Ever been tempted to dye your hair?”
(…Jesus Christ.)

© Carl Burkitt 2019


Her tiny pink fingernails
rapidly poked all 14
lift buttons.

Chance to see more of the world
I smiled.

No, that’s naughty!
her mum snapped,

leaving the little girl and me
unsure who she was talking to.

© Carl Burkitt 2019