WAITING ROOM by The Earlies

1. Magazines Are Rubbish
2. Staring At The Floor
3. How Much Longer?
4. Who Reads Magazines About Cod?
5. Skimming Leaflets
6. 35 Minutes?!
7. May As Well Read A Bit
8. Ha, Good Headline
9. I Was Here Before That Guy!
10. Who Knew Cod Were So Wise?
11. What A Catch!
12. “The Doctor Will See You Now”

© Carl Burkitt 2020

NEW YEAR NEW ME by The X Treems

1. Get A New Job Every Day
2. Learn To Play Guitar With Your Ears
3. Run 500 Million Miles
4. Eat More Fruit Flavoured Chocolate
5. Write A Novel An Hour
6. Learn A New Language To Swear In
7. Get A Mortgage To Buy A Birdhouse
8. Get New Eyes
9. Get A New Face
10. Get A New Head
11. Get New Bones
12. Replace All Your Skin
13. Eat Vegetables Via The Arse

© Carl Burkitt 2019

BIG DAY by The Out Of Hands

1. I’d Never Ask You To Invite Them…
2. Chicken Chicken Salmon Or Chicken
3. How much For Bubbles?
4. They’d Invite You…
5. YOU’RE Havin’ A Bubble
6. Dance Bore
7. You invited Them?
8. No Thanks, Aisle Pass
9. They’ll Be Getting A Bloody Outvite
10. Choir Eye For The Straight Guy
11. Balkage At The Corkage
12. Fine!
13. Sister’s Friend’s Cousin’s Nan’s Boyfriend’s Dog Walker (On The Top Table)…

© Carl Burkitt 2019

TRAITOR! by The Loyals

1. All Aboard The Ship-Jumper
2. How Dare I…? How Dare Thy?!
3. You Do You, You Pig-Fucker
4. Turncoat? Turntrousers Too
5. You, Yourself And You
6. Have Your Cake And Fuck It
7. Four-Faced
8. You Would Do Anything For You…
9. …But You Wouldn’t Do Me
10. Going Down Without The Ship
11. Both Sides Of Your Mouth (Are Liars)
12. Stabbed In The Back Via The Front
13. Judass-Hole

© Carl Burkitt 2019