The 2017 Queen’s Speech – A Review

I didn’t get the chance to watch the 2017 Queen’s Speech.

Here’s a quick review cobbled together through bits I’ve managed to skim read…

  • We’re leaving the EU
  • Old lady forced to work when love of her life is in hospital
  • Some bloke called Bill was given 27 mentions – he must be great
  • A coinkydink hat
  • Children are allowed to eat again
  • Black Rod. What?
  • Man heckles for 23rd time in a row
  • The insulation of old people will no longer be stolen
  • A Domestic Violence and Abuse Commissioner to be appointed. Assume they mean Anti-Domestic Violence and Abuse Commissioner, but can’t be 100% certain
  • Foxes can do whatever the fuck they want

© Carl Burkitt 2017

Queens Speech

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