Switzerland vs France (Group E)

Cornwall. 20th June 2014. 20.00pm – Kick off.

Hazel, 94, is sat on the living room sofa with Barbara, 96, in a weirdly awkward silence for such close friends. Hazel turns to Barbara.

HAZEL: Did you know that Switzerland has four official languages-


HAZEL: None of which is used on their stamps?


HAZEL: They use Latin on their stamps.

BARBARA: I don’t really care.

Hazel looks around the room struggling to think of something to say.

HAZEL: Did you know Renée Zellweger is half Swiss?

BARBARA: Could’ve guessed, really.

Barbara yawns.

HAZEL: Did you know the Swiss roll isn’t from Switzerland?


HAZEL: It’s true. Apparently its origin is ‘Central Europe’ and the name is simply misleading.

Barbara does a quick Google search of ‘Swiss roll’.


Barbara passes out.

© Carl Burkitt 2014

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