The players

Jizz egg,
Dribbling discharge,
Fuck pig,
Barry Gibb Blow Job.

The game was simple:
Create a sentence with the magnetic letters.

Custard tit wank,
Foldable fanny fart,
Raul Moat’s bargain bucket,
Constipated condom.

The life and soul stepped up to the fridge as
a hush
upon the room.

He’d already put his penis in a friend’s pint,
Given his best mate’s girlfriend a deep wedgie,
Eaten three raw chillies,
Smashed all of the crockery,
And fed the dog a bunch of bananas.

He placed his letters:


A hush
upon the room
as a fresh set of Jäger bombs
flowed through the party.

© Carl Burkitt 2013

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