Fever dream

It’s 2am and his bed is sweat. Colin is
ex footballer Gary Neville’s dad,
Neville Neville. He is on a sport podcast,
chatting about the importance of hard work
over talent, recounting his days as a lorry driver,
how he would get up at 4am to drop off
furniture in Davenport so he could get back
to Manchester by 11am and volunteer
at the local cricket club, then pick his kids up
from school to take them to football
and netball club. He is convincing people
he came back to life to tell his children
he’s so proud of them. Meredith and Christina
ask Colin to scrub in and do the appendectomy
surgery for them. An emergency has come up
but they cannot tell him what. It’s 3am.

© Carl Burkitt 2023

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