Editor’s Pick

I disagree with Tony Power, a world without rabbits
would not be fine by me. I like looking at carrots
knowing they have somewhere to go and be useful.
I disagree with Erin Moore, deep freeze will not
dispatch your slugs and snails it will drown your
memories in the carpark by the sports hall where
your arm got sliced by a pencil sharpener because
you trusted someone who. said, Put your arm out.
I disagree with Arun Kashyap, true AI cannot only
succeed if we capture life’s mystery. I disagree with
David Seagar. I disagree with David Marjot, language
was not the bedrock of early humans, it was squinting
at the sun. I disagree with Denis Watkins, global
catastrophes do not threaten to destroy hope.
I’m looking at a photo of you.

© Carl Burkitt 2022

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