Short back and lies

I have never lied to anyone
as much as I lie to my barber.
It’s usually things like Not much,
when he asks what plans I have that day
or No, I’m fine actually,
when he asks if I would like a drink.
Once, when he said he was thinking
of getting into yoga, I said
I’ll text you the place nearby I used to go,
despite never doing yoga and not having his number.
And when he asked if I believed in God, I said
Not one entity, I’m more of an energy kind of guy,
despite not understanding what I was saying.
Today when he asked how I was, I said
Not bad, despite being on top of the world.
And then there was the time I made up the names
of hair products I’ve tried. I think I said
something like Hope, For Men.

© Carl Burkitt 2020

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