The Piper family was fed up. Two weeks ago they’d moved into their new mansion and the plumbing still wasn’t working. With eleven people and zero working bathrooms, you can only imagine the tension.

“Look,” said Mum Piper. “If those plumbers are gonna keep cancelling on us, I propose we tackle these damn pipes ourselves. As a family.”

“What?” said Dad Piper.

“Are you kidding?” said teenage Piper.

“No way!” screamed toddler Piper.

“Don’t be like that!” said Mum Piper. “We’re the Pipers, damn it. When we all band together, we’re capable of anything!”

“Mum’s right,” smiled young adult Piper. “Let’s do this!”

“Yeah!” said twin Piper.

“Yeah!” said other twin Piper.

“Oh, go on then,” said Dad Piper.

“Fine, why not,” said teenage Piper.

“Perfect!” said Mum Piper.

“The Pipers damn it!” said toddler Piper.

“Watch your language,” said Mum Piper.

Dad Piper grabbed the family tool box and handed out spanners and wrenches and hammers and screwdrivers and aprons and cloths and a whole lot more.

Mum Piper gave out instructions and the Pipers piped their arses off. They removed, added, fixed and replaced loads of bits. Eleven people working as one – it was a magical sight.

After three hours had passed, the Pipers cried their 22 eyes out as their dream home was inevitably submerged in 400 tonnes of water.

© Carl Burkitt 2018


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