2018 vs 2012

I’m a quarter of an inch shorter than I was in 2012 (weirdly)

Babies look cuter
And I want one

I pack way more than I need

I’ve got less hair on my head
More hair on my chest
(Even more in my nose and ears)

I rarely watch new films
And find comfort in repeats

People are incredibly opinionated

I get way more shit stuck in my gums

I dance a bit less
I sing loads more

The sun (ball in the sky) is less stressful for me
The Sun (newspaper) is really stressful for me

Shampoo is very expensive
My scalp is grateful

I’m less proud of myself
But more comfortable saying so

Vegetables are a main ingredient

I ask more questions

I’m closer to touching my toes

If I like something, I admit it
If I hate something, I’m more delicate

I celebrate others as much as I can

My floorboards creak louder

I stretch more

I smile less
But laugh more heavily

I feel safer

I’ve found my tribe

© Carl Burkitt 2018

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