6/8/18 – Shyamalan

M. Night Shyamalan went to the shop to get some orange juice. It only took him 30 seconds because it was just at the end of his road, you see. The shop had loads of orange juice, so he was very pleased to be able to buy some. The walk home was just as smooth as the one to the shops. He went through the front door and headed straight to the kitchen and poured some orange juice into a glass. When he drank the orange juice, he was delighted with how nice it tasted. A few hours later he headed to bed, but realised he hadn’t put the carton of leftover orange juice away. As he went to put the carton in the fridge, he realised the fridge was actually the ghost of his great, great grandfather. Not a brilliant ending to the day, but certainly a surprising one.

© Carl Burkitt 2018

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