Add Some Theatre to Dull Work Situations with Current WWE Entrance Themes

In professional wrestling, entrance themes are used to add drama, intensity, comedy, flair and provide an insight into the personality of the man or woman making their way to the ring.

They’re ridiculous. And I love them.

Forget that they’re made for scary looking people pretending to fight, some of them are just bloody great songs that can put dramatic punctuation marks on your daily working life.

So, whether you like wrestling or not, I urge you to listen to these tracks, chuck them on your phone and blast them out throughout the day to bring drama to boring work situations.

1. Booby Roode – Glorious

Perfect for: When you’re absolutely starving the day before payday and plan to eat the dog-end of a loaf of bread for lunch, but then find a fiver in your pocket…

2. Bray Wyatt – Live in Fear

Perfect for: When you climb into the shower on a dark, winter’s Monday morning, preparing for a day filled with meeting after meeting…

3. Samoa Joe – Destroyer

Perfect for: When the IT team asks “have you tried turning it off and on again?”…

4. Sami Zayn – World’s Apart

Perfect for: When you kick the office door down on a Friday night and skank home with your top off…

5. Finn Balor – Catch Your Breath

Perfect for: When you’re smashing your head against an Excel spreadsheet all morning and someone gives you a formula that will cut your workload in half…

6. Noam Dar – Weekend Rockstar

Perfect for: When you throw a balled up piece of waste paper cleanly into a bin that’s more than 10 feet from you, using only your peripheral vision to see and then calmly return to typing your emails without acknowledging how great it was…

7. No Way Jose – No Way

Perfect for: When the boss asks if you’re free to come in for a few hours on Saturday…

8. The Brian Kendrick – Man With a Plan

Perfect for: When the senior team don’t listen to your “junior” ideas for weeks and weeks only for them to hit a dead end the night before a deadline and call you in for help…

9. The Revival – Southern Proud

Perfect for: When you’re asked in a one-to-one to provide a compelling case as to why you deserve a pay rise…

10. Bayley – Turn It Up

Perfect for: When you can’t hold on to your Friday morning hangover poo any longer and are forced to go in a busy toilet, however it slides out with no noise, no stains, no floater, no stench and you leave without a trace…

11. Alesteir Black – Root of All Evil

Perfect for: You’re packing up to clock off for the day and your boss says that you need to stay late because they “have to shoot off early but this report really needs to get finished, cheers mate, I owe you one”…

12. Enzo Amore – SWAFT

Perfect for: When you’re walking into a huge conference room to network with hundreds of people smarter, funnier and better looking than you…

© Carl Burkitt 2018

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