Creed – An 18-Month-Too-Late Review

Yesterday, Tuesday 18th July 2017, I watched Creed for the second time – 18 months after it was released.

Here’s what I thought…

  • Adonis jut made my potential baby name list. (Sits alongside Cedric and Molly)
  • Rocky talking at a gravestone will never not make me blub
  • I don’t think I’ve ever had a Philly cheese steak
  • Angry Scouser
  • Nothing gives me more goosebumps than a Balboa speech
  • THE SHORTS!!!!!
  • I would watch Creed 2, Creed 3, Creed 4, Creed 5, Creed 6, Creed 7, Creed 8, Creed 9, Creed 10, Creed 11, Creed 12, Creed 13, Creed 14, Creed 15, Creed 16, Creed 17, Creed 18, Creed 19, Creed 20. And more, probably.

© Carl Burkitt 2017

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