Things not to say on a Tinder date: A Found Poem

I make £130K a year, yet I’m barely making ends meet.
I have a tough mother-in-law who interrogates me a lot. What should I do?
If you die with your eyes open, can you still see?
I don’t like what I named my son anymore. He’s about to be two.

When a child dies, do the parents become closer?
What is it too late for at the age of 20?
Does shooting from under your chin kill without hurting you?
What makes you want to give up on humanity?

© Carl Burkitt 2017

This poem is part of a challenge for National Poetry Writing Month 2017 – a different style of poem each day about a woman called April. This is made up from forum titles in an email I received from question and answer site Quora Digest.

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