Nest of thanks: A blitz poem

Fly off the handle
Fly from the nest
Nest of birds
Nest of chicks
Chicks are the babies
Chicks are the weak
Weak at the knees
Weak but strong
Strong for their sisters
Strong for their brothers
Brothers stay silent
Brothers stay strong
Strong for each other
Strong for their sisters
Sisters stay silent
Sisters give hugs
Hugs for their mothers
Hugs for their fathers
Fathers stay silent
Fathers make jokes
Jokes for their work mates
Jokes for their wives
Wives stay sober
Wives stay strong
Strong for their loved ones
Strong for their flock
Flock to the sunrise
Flock to the start
Start to be homely
Start to be you
You are for something
You are for someone
Someone is waiting
Someone is gone
Gone for the winter
Gone for the the spring
Spring to attention
Spring to begin
Begin to amaze me
Begin to forget
Forget to come home
Forget to look back
Back where they came from
Back to the start
Start to be thankful
Start to say thanks
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the nest

© Carl Burkitt 2014

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