The pervert

The pervert started perving on the sexy lady
From 50 perverted feet
As he pervily cycled towards her
on his great big pervy perv bike

He perved on her boobs.
He perved on her legs.
He perved on her lips.
He perved on her nose.
And as he went by
He perved on her side
from her sexy head to her sexy toes.

With her now behind his pervy back
He opened his perverted mouth and perved out a pervily, pervy piece of perv
But his pathetically perverted, pervy front wheel
Pervily clipped the curb
Sending him over his rock hard, pervaciously perverted

The pervert landed pervily on the ground
and died
With a smile upon his face
And a bollard right up his arse.

The perv.

© Carl Burkitt 2014

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