USA vs Germany and Portugal vs Ghana (Group G)

Cornwall. 26th June 2014. 17.00pm – Kick off.

Hazel, 94, walks into the living room, from the kitchen, excited for the USA vs Germany game and to carry on hers and Barbara’s, 96, tradition of both preparing food of one of the nations involved in the last day of the group stages.

Hazel’s carrying a big sharing platter of bratwurst, currywurst, sauerkraut and weizenbier.

She enters the living room to see Barbara slouched on the sofa, wearing just her bra and knickers and a star-spangled bandana, eating from a can of SPAM with a teaspoon.

Hazel sighs.

HAZEL: Afterno-


Barbara falls off the sofa into a pile of empty Budweiser cans.

© Carl Burkitt 2014


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