Australia vs Spain and Netherlands vs Chile (Group B)

Cornwall. 23rd June 2014. 17.00pm – Kick off.

Hazel, 94, and Barbara, 96, are watching the Netherlands vs Chile game.

BARBARA: Can’t wait for the Australia vs Spain game.

HAZEL: It’s-

BARBARA: Been excited ALL day.


BARBARA: I hope Massimo Luongo gets picked for Australia.

HAZEL: Barb-

BARBARA: It’ll be a fairy tale for the young lad.


BARBARA: Sold by Tottenham to League One club Swindon.


BARBARA: Only the third Swindon player in history to play in a World Cup.



HAZEL: The Australia game is on right now.

Barbara messes up Hazel’s hair.

BARBARA: Don’t be silly, it’s the Netherlands vs Chile game now. Haha.

HAZEL: No, Barbara, this week the final group games are played at the same time.


HAZEL: I guess it’s so they don’t have to worry about the other result and can just play their game.

BARBARA: Oh man, I want to see Massimo!

HAZEL: I’m sorry.

Hazel pats Barbara’s back.

HAZEL: Why do you care so much about an Australian playing for Swindon, anyway?

Barbara blushes.

BARBARA: Trying to impress a sexy, tall guy I know…

Barbara winks at the camera.

© Carl Burkitt 2014

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