Argentina vs Iran (Group F)

Cornwall. 21st June 2014. 17.45pm – Half time.

Hazel, 94, is sat on the sofa, staring at her watch, tutting.

The front door slams open, Barbara runs into the living room, sweating all over.

HAZEL: You’re late.

BARBARA: I know, I know-

HAZEL: I can’t believe you’re late to ANOTHER game!

BARBARA: I’m sorry, sorry. I got caught up at the park.

HAZEL: Especially with my Iranian heritage. This is a big game for me.

BARBARA: Hazel, I’m so sorry.

HAZEL: Why are you sweaty?

BARBARA: I realised the time

Barbara looks at the TV to see what game is playing and smiles.

BARBARA: I realised what game it was and how important it is to you

Barbara smiles.

BARBARA: So… I run

HAZEL: You mean ‘I ran’.


© Carl Burkitt 2014

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