God’s greatest creation

I was lost, like a car with no direction,
Then you appeared; God’s greatest creation.

You are the stars to my Milky Way,
The fog lights to my misty day.

You are the plaster to my cut,
The buffet to my Pizza Hut.

You are the twinkle to my eye,
The sunshine to my sky.

You are the wrapper to my chocolate Flake,
The rising agent to my cake.

You are the pen to my paper,
The drink to my Don Draper.

You are the Worcester sauce to my cheese on toast,
The gravy to my Sunday roast.

You are the bowl to my soup,
The toilet roll to my poop.

You are the Fergie to my Man U,
The tramp to my Special Brew.

You are the strings to my bow,
The comb to my ‘fro.

Your are the sentences to my story,
The spoon to my knickerbocker glory.

You are the end to my masturbation,
You are God’s greatest creation.

© Carl Burkitt 2014


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