Grave robbing

The following is a true story…

At the weekend my six-year-old nephew and I were watching the TV show Horrible Histories.

After finding out lots of fun information about the olden times, there was a brief reference to grave robbing.

I looked over at my nephew, whose brow was furrowed. You could tell he knew what the two words alone were, but not together.

There was a long silence and then:

NEPHEW: Uncle Carl…
ME: Yep?
NEPHEW: What’s grave robbing?

I couldn’t lie, it wouldn’t be fair.

ME: It’s exactly how it sounds.
NEPHEW: What, so people rob graves?
ME: That’s right. More so in the past.
NEPHEW: But, but why?
ME: Well, as you’ve seen from watching this show before, the world was very different long ago. Whilst we were learning how to live with each other, as we still are, people would make mistakes. Years ago people were so, so poor they would do naughty things sometimes just to make sure them and their children could eat. Like grave robbing. They would dig the grave up and pinch any jewellery or watches that may be inside. It wasn’t very nice, but it doesn’t happen that much now.

NEPHEW: OK, I understand. Thank you, Uncle Carl.
ME: That’s OK.
NEPHEW: Uncle Carl…
ME: Yep?

NEPHEW: Did the grave robbers ever dig up the graves just to see their friends one last time?

My heart melted before I kissed his head.

ME: Yeah, sometimes.

© Carl Burkitt 2013

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