A good morning

When 6 foot 8 Reginald woke up
and found himself to be 1 inch tall,
he was delighted.
“Look at all of this leg room!” he squealed,
looking down at his Queen sized bed.

Reginald kicked his legs up and down.
He waved his limbs around to make duvet angels.
He stood on his tiptoes, reached out his arms and giggled at being nowhere near
the ceiling.

Reginald was in his element.
He danced and sang
and roly-polied the morning away
until his wife came in search for him.

Unable to hear her husband’s tiny yelps,
or see his miniature gestures,
she sat down on the bed, bemused,
and swallowed him whole.

Reginald sniggered as he suffocated to death
inside the one place he was always forbidden.

© Carl Burkitt 2013

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