My Halloween Queen

My father’s brain sprayed across the floor,
My brother’s guts dripped down the door.

My sister’s limbs scattered around the room,
My mother’s blood gurgled throughout the gloom.

With my family chopped and well and truly diced,
I stared at the chainsaw waiting to be sliced.

Who was this dark stranger who broke into our home,
Stealing my sunshine, destroying my throne.

With evil eyes and a vengeful roar,
The dark stranger fed on hateful gore.

He splashed through my relatives’ blood and sinew,
Screaming: “Satan sent me, he wants to meet you”.

He swung the chainsaw in the air,
“I’ll give you a second to say a final prayer”.

I closed my eyes on that Hallows’ Eve,
And thought of friends, Dave, Jack and Steve.

As I heard the chainsaw’s teeth come close,
I smelled what smelt like burning toast;

‘Hell’s approaching,’ my brain did say,
‘We aren’t escaping, there’s just no way’.

As I waited for the deathly blow,
Amongst the flames appeared a heavenly glow;

A sword-swinging angel shone in the light,
She howled: “I’ve come to put this madness right”.

Her blonde hair glistened as her arms did part,
Then she slid her blade through the dark stranger’s heart.

My savour cackled at her enemy’s end,
And shot me a smile meant for more than a friend.

She whispered a secret I can’t share today,
Helped me to my feet, then drifted away.

I’ll always remember that fateful night,
How could one forget such a gruesome fright;

I thought my life had reached its final scene,
Until I was saved
By my Halloween Queen.

© Carl Burkitt 2012

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