That fing

I saw this, like, fing, right
And it was, like, well
I was like
Is that that fing or somefing?

She said like no way mate that totally is that fing me and you saw like last week or somefing

The fing was, like
Brown, nah yellow brown
Like furry little fing
Saw it last week or somefing

She said like yeah we saw that like little brown furry fing last week or somefing on that like lamppost

Yeah the thing was, like, Muffin
Or somefing
Check its fing

She said like yeah its fing says like Muffin on the silver fing and it’s got like number 11 Avenue or somefing

Number 11 Avenue was, like, big
And that
Like, that woman or somefing said thanks and, like
Muffin was well happy too


© Carl Burkitt 2012

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