Poems for Daniel

There is a young boy called Daniel
Who looks like a cocker spaniel
His ears are floppy
His bottom is ploppy
And his feet are furry an’ all

Daniel has a friend called Ellie
Who only has one wellie
When there is a flood
With water and mud
She has to stay in and watch telly

Daniel has a nice friendly Mummy
Whose cakes are always so scrummy
You must grab one quick
Before mum has her pick
And she puts them all inside her tummy!

Daniel has a mighty strong Daddy
Who’s bigger than any big baddie
But tickle his feet
Or don’t give him a treat
And he might have a really big paddy!

Daniel has a beautiful, fun Nana
Who is kind with a nice polite manner
She isn’t a fool
But she hasn’t a tool
She doesn’t even own her own spanner!

Daniel has a funny old Pops
Who buys jelly babies from shops
He likes a good snooze
Whilst watching the news
And spills gravy down all of his tops

Daniel has a sweet uncle Andrew
Whose head doesn’t need lots of shampoo
He’s losing his hair
But he doesn’t care
And he’s happy right the way through

Daniel has an Auntie called Nat
Who can put her hair in a plait
If she gets dizzy
Her hair goes frizzy
So she hides it with a great big hat

Daniel has an uncle called Carl
With a smile and rarely a snarl
He’s a big tall giraffe
With a funny old laugh
And invents words like piggledydarl

© Carl Burkitt 2012

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