Living In Colour

Inspired by Daniel Cockrill’s Low-Fi Series and the spirit of feeling joy in making something and just putting it out into the world, I introduce to you Living in Colour.

It’s a collection of short poems on self esteem, embarrassment, the awesomeness of small things, smiles, hope and a pork pie, all written and collated by my little brain.

If you’d like one, email, comment below or contact me on Twitter – @CarlBurkitt.

£5.00 a copy.

I’m very excited for you all to read it.



Alter Egos

I was truly honoured to have two poems included in the Alter Egos anthology by the wonderful Bad Betty Press.

Hero, nemesis, spy or host? What exactly is an alter ego? With poems from the likes of Toby Campion, The Repeat Beat Poet, Birdsong, Laurie Eaves and many more, this book tries to find the answers.

Buy your self a copy directly from Bad Betty: